Aug 8, 2015

We call it Schnitzel

A schnitzel paired with a German wine from the Palatinate
Variation of Schnitzel
You hardly find a traditional German restaurant not serving at least one dish of Schnitzel. The variations of Schnitzel is unbelievable, not only of different meat, like pork, veal or turkey, but also of different recipes. Most common is the Wiener Schnitzel (viennese schnitzel) which traditionally is a breaded veal escalope, served with potatoes or fries. There are others with a sauce e.g. with mushroom, the Jägerschnitzel (hunters schnitzel) or like we had, a Paprikaschnitzel with bell pepper (Paprika), tomatoes and onions.

But what to drink with a Schnitzel? Probably 9 out of 10 Germans you ask this question would say: Beer! Well, I am the one who answers: Wine. Of course! :-)

We had a Gelber Muskateller (Muscat blanc à petits grains), which is a quite aromatic wine. This one is from the German wine region Pfalz (Palatinate), a sun-blessed region in the south-west near France, producing opulent wines. The wine is semi-sweet which pairs quite well with the spicy and sweet aromas of the salsa. It definitely would also go well with asian food.

If you ever stumble into a German restaurant, have a Schnitzel and remember me by ordering a wine.